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Originally Posted by Bamb0 View Post
Yes they pretty much are!!!

Edwin: Did you look at that thread I linked to? (Showing you what i meant by MULTI COLOURED quotes)

I tried like crazy to find one that quoted MORE THAN 2 TIMES so you could see how pretty it is but i figured if you saw 2 of them you would know what I was trying to show ya
Looked into that, but the way the code for the quotes is generated you end up with the same "style" element around each nested layer, so there's nothing to distinguish a quote from a quote-inside-a-quote i.e. nothing that can be independently restyled. I'm sure anything is possible with a vBulletin "hack", but as I've mentioned many times I don't like installing those except when absolutely unavoidable (e.g. spam blocking features)
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