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Originally posted by mail2me
The Runbox reject seem to work now. A possible reason for it not working previously might have been the filter order "-2" saving messages to spam folder before the Runbox spam filter action which is at order "-1". Therefore I suggest that those who want to setup a customized more aggressive manual filter to give it an order number of "0" if they want the "reject if possible messages" to be rejected first.
Actually, the filters doesn't matter at all here. The "reject" stuff happens before the message is accepted into Exim's queue, while the filters are processed as the message is departing from Exim's queue and into your home directory (or to a forwarded address, perhaps).

However, changing the reject setting doesn't come into effect real-time - the configuration is distributed to the MXes every six minutes (if I recall correctly). That also applies to the white list. That was probably the reason it didn't work for you the first time around - there is no other obvious one I can think of, at least.
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