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Re: How To Improve SPAM Filtering using Runbox Filters

Originally posted by carverrn

(2) Create a "Spam" folder and a filter defined as:

Order: -2
Messages where: "Header" "contains" "X-Spam-Flag: YES"
will be: "saved to folder" "Spam"

By selecting "reject if possible" for the "Detect junk mail" option,
we have also disabled the ability to move SPAM to a Spam folder. This
defines our own Spam Filter that will do the same thing the original
Spam Filter did.

If you want your Spam Filter to be more restrictive, like have a cutoff
of 4 instead of the default of 5, you can define your filter like this:

Order: -2
Messages where: "Header" "contains" "X-Spam-Level: ****"
will be: "saved to folder" "Spam"

For this filter, any message with a score greater than 4 (e.g. 4.1) will
be moved to the Spam folder.

(3) Create a "NotInWhiteList" folder and a filter defined as:

Is anyone using multiple X-Spam-Level : ---- filters in order to filter different S.A. values into folders? If so, what is the folder preference level set at (-2 or other) and how does this affect X-Spam-Status (which I assume is like saying) X-Spam-Level: *****

I started using Rich's method and (shockingly) spam seems to have disappeared. This worries me somewhat (the fear of false positives)
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