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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
Recently, Firefox has become ultra slow (for me anyway) when opening up - once open after a few minutes, it starts to speed up. I thought perhaps Pale Moon would be better, but if no Keepass plug-ins, then I'll pass.

Finding myself using the new Edge browser in preference to Chrome, it's quick (for me anyway) and has the Keepass plug-ins.
Actually I started using Pale Moon because Firefox (the browser I used to use) was becoming slower and slower, especially at start. I could use all the Firefox plug-ins I had come to rely on and that made the switch even easier.

I use MS Edge on occasion also. More frequently now I've noticed that I use it more because I want to, rather than have to.

As far as any type of auto fill anything, I don't like that process so I don't need any plug-ins or extensions to do it for me.

- Bruce
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