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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
I had my KeePass database on a WebDAV server, but noticed a delay in opening/loading up the program. I am using the Favicon plugin which increases the file size of the database and so contributes to the delay.
I made the mistake of adding some attachments. That really adds a delay.

I've never been really 100% comfortable with the database stored on the server, so decided on a compromise - I have the database local on my main computer, and when necessary, then encrypt a local copy and save that to the server instead.
I am still not comfortable but the KeePass database is encrypted and I have a strong Master Password committed to memory. My computer is backed up daily so I have a local copy and a copy on Dropbox. I access the local Dropbox copy with Keepass2Andriod on my cell phones.

At one time I tried using a Key File. I may still go with that and keep a copy on my local devices. The KeePass database is useless without that key file so if someone manages to get it from Dropbox, it would be useless. I just have to figure out a method I am comfortable with with in keeping backups of that key file. I learned the hard way if you loose the key file your database will not be accessible. Lucky for me I had a backup for the database in a plan text file stored in an encrypted container.
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