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Lightbulb Runbox Forum Introduction and Help

Welcome to the Runbox Forum, courtesy of!

This is where Runbox Users can get help and answers from the Runbox Team, as well as discuss the service with other users. Please review this introduction before posting a question, as it contains important information about Runbox and the Forum.

Please note that this forum is largely concerned with solving problems, and that it will at most times not reflect the overall user experience accurately.

How to get help
In addition to this forum you can get help by reviewing our Help pages, searching our FAQ, or emailing Runbox Support at support AT runbox DOT com.

Using the Forum
Besides adhering to the Forum Rules, please remember the following when posting a question:
  • Include an exact description of the problems you are experiencing, when the problems started, and any settings you have changed that might have affected functionality.
  • Provide relevant information about the type of software (particularly browsers or email clients) you are using with Runbox.
  • If your problems are account-specific, please also provide your Runbox username.
  • For subscription-related inquiries, please contact billing AT runbox DOT com instead.
About Runbox
Runbox ( is a premium email service for personal and professional use, featuring massive storage space, email hosting, extensive email management features, fast and reliable services, and more. See all features and advantages

Runbox Affiliate Program
With the Runbox Affiliate Program you can earn USD 22 for every subscriber you refer to Runbox Mail Manager. You may advertise through web sites, email signatures/footers, word of mouth, etc. Please see for more information.

Runbox Ambassador Program
Runbox users are credited if they actively contribute to the growth and improvement of Runbox. You can receive one Runbox account free of charge by significantly and frequently 1) providing appropriate and constructive information about Runbox to potential new users through web sites, message boards, etc, 2) helping other users with their questions or concerns in Runbox Forums, or 3) providing Runbox with new suggestions and ideas and thus contribute to the improvement of Runbox. If you are interested, please contact us at ambassador AT runbox DOT com.

- The Runbox Team

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