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The "e" in e-mail
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Question Alternatives to '+' in plus-addressing? Other characters - ".", "%" ? DMV.CA.GOV EVIL

Is "." / what are the Alternatives to '+' in plus-addressing?

A certain horrible gov't agency ( has started (sometime in the last 6 months) blocking both +-addressing and @username.fastmail.tld and @username.usersown.tld addresses. I had to make a custom alias just for them. I was tempted to make it [stringofwordsEdwinwouldn'tallow]@fastmail.tld, suggests "." and the FastMail help page doesn't mention anything and I can't remember or find it documented, but I think there were several.

Oh, just about to hit Submit, and realizing % is probably another one.

PS Hi, long time no see, to all the old-timers still here.

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