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Originally Posted by hadaso View Post
Perhaps they cancelled their restrictions after some employees complained about not being able to register with [email protected] ...
LOL! (and for another laugh, see D, below!)

Thanks for the help folks, especially placebo! It's still broken:

It's the particular DMV subsystem I was trying to use that's horribly broken. I took a ton of screenshots, but posting them would give away my usernames and domains. Specifically, it's the "DMV’s assisted online renewal system" (VFO for registration) that has this nastyness.

Gory Details, FYI:

Yup. Grhm, it's true. The broken system is at ! And click next. (It's reachable via (and scrolling down to where it says please use DMV’s assisted online renewal system instead) which in turn is reachable via (V.F.O. - Virtual Field Office)...)

(What is not broken - as placebo says - is that my [email protected] MyDMV account still exists and I can log into it. I do not know if the "self-service renewal" registration system has the problem as well, or not. Didn't try.)

It gets worse. Here's HOW the system is broken - in multiple ways, depending on which kind of addressing is attempted.

A) If you put in an address of the form [email protected] into the FIRST part/page of the form - Customer Info / Contact Information, you get an error message:
We found a problem with the email ID being used. Please try another email.

B) Same thing with an address of the form [email protected]. It's inappropriate and not super informative, but I've seen worse.

C) It gets worse if you put in an address of the form [email protected] into the FIRST part/page of the form - Customer Info / Contact Information, you get NO error message. It accepts the address. But wait! It then takes you thru to pages 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the form. Feeling lucky? Don't. When you submit the form, it will show a silly animation for ... a ... long ... time ... and ... THEN ... ... ... fail.

D) It WILL ALSO initially accept the address [email protected]... - an exception to B.

E) It did accept an address of the form [email protected].

F) It won't actually accept the address [email protected], presumably because it's too long for their, erm, taste.

G) It gets even worse. Ignore the warning at your peril, which reads:

*Form should be filled using Chrome (standard window), Firefox or Edge Chromium. If you choose to use Chrome Incognito or Safari, you will need to disable the “Prevent cross-site tracking” behavior in the browser.

If you don't notice this, when you get to the 5th page and try to submit, nothing will happen. The warning was back on page 1, so you have no idea why it's not working. Especially if you don't even know what cross-site tracking IS!

If you enable cross-site tracking this AFTER you have started filling out the form, you will have to start over at the beginning.

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