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The "e" in e-mail
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"was this helpful in the help pages

In FastMail's help system there are buttons at the bottom of each page to tell if the page was helpful or not.
After marking "not helpful" there is no way to tell why it was unhelpful.
Specifically: I sent a message that bounced, and the bounce message said:
For further assistance, please read our help center article
about message bounces
but the page only explains about incoming messages rejected by Fastmail's servers' not about outgoing mail being undeliverable. So the link in the bounce message is to the wrong page, or at least the page is missing half of the info (why outgoing messages may rebound).

(And the reason my message was rejected was that separate from and envelope-from in identities were canceled several years ago, so some of my replies bounce when I forget to change the "from" line in replies.).
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