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@chris Yeah it's not a good idea to add many attachments. Only what's extremely important, because it gets backed up and sync'd every time, I imagine, and only contributes to slowness. I don't mind a little slowness, because it does its job properly and syncs properly for me between multiple devices, without fail. It's a good password manager, but you do have to be a tiny bit patient with it.

@FredOnline With the Dark Theme, the dev has introduced an .ini file where you can change the colors of certain elements. You can change the links within the app. Example: if you have a Group called Creditors, for example, When you open one of the entries in the Creditors group, you will see at the top Group: Creditors - and that Creditors link can be changed to whatever color you want. However, I was not able to get the main screen entries where there is a URL link to change color, nor the notes entries where you have some notes, and there's a url link there. Maybe there's a way, and I'm still looking at it today.
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