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In the interest in keeping a thread alive and slightly off-rail, and maybe even providing some information that may be useful/informative for anyone, let me say that another use I have for KeePass is as a 'bookmark manager'. There are site URLs that are present only in my database, not in any 'browser bookmark list'.
This is really easy to do with most dedicated password managers. I do this with Bitwarden. You can store the URL for say your bank login page and just launch it from within Bitwarden. I also have it set so that it doesn't automatically fill in credentials for me, but it does have an extension that will let me know if there is a stored username/password for a particular site. There's also a place for Notes with each password, and I use this for storing all sorts of information for particular sites. Stuff like the answers to security questions, instructions for using the site, notes from the last time I used it, etc.
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