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Please refer to the Runbox Help on filters and their actions:

Runbox has two type of filter action that can be used for forwarding a message to another email address: (1) Forward and (2) Redirect.

There actions are as follows:

(1) Forwarded to sends a copy of the email to another email address while retaining the original email and allowing it to pass down to other filters and to the Access level.

(2) Redirected to sends the original email to another email address and does not allow it to pass down to the next filter or the Access level.

Are you using "Redirected to" instead of "Forwarded to"?

I know these filters work because have quite a few filter pairs that first forward a copy of the message to another email address and then store the message into a specific folder.

If you are having troubles getting the filters to work the way you would like, please submit a support ticket at and we can take a look at your filters.

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