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Originally Posted by somdcomputerguy View Post
I have used KeePass for quite some time as well. Here are the plugins I use and the ones of those I appreciate a lot.
I've had a look at the plugins you are using, the QuickUnlock looked interesting, but after reading up on the plugin, it seems if you already have an existing key file, you have to browse/select that key file each time you open the database, as the QuickUnlock overrides that?

So using that plugin, it would seem to lengthen the login process, unless I'm misunderstanding it.

I initially thought that QuickUnlock would be something like, if you've already opened a database, and it locks after X minutes. To be able to enter just a pin number to unlock that database. It's not like that.

Keetheme I already have, but it's limited configuration is disappointing.

The Favicon plugin is nice, to get favicons for the entries, although it does make the database file size larger. It also retains the favicons if you open the database on a different computer, that does not have the Favicon plugin installed.
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