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Originally Posted by Gankaku View Post
I've been using KeePass for years now. It's free, but I think you can donate.

It's got a lot of bells and whistles if you want to dig in.

I use one called KeeTheme and it's a dark mode theme. It works well and is regularly updated. It's necessary that I use dark themes and dark mode everywhere now. If KeePass didn't have it, I could not use it.
One can donate. I have more than once over the past couple decades. I use the KeeTheme plug-in as well, for exactly the reasons you do. I was recently looking out of curiosity at another package called passbolt. I stopped research and lost any interest when I discovered that the 'free' version does not have a 'dark mode' theme but the paid version does.

I think the UI is browser based, so modifying the display wouldn't be trouble for me, but then my morals kicked in and I made another donation (first one this year!) to Dominik and I will continue to use his KeePass program.

- Bruce

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