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One of my favorites is Jerry's Subs & Pizza — a simple plain ole pizza. A couple years ago they used to have Xtra 104 night (which was the oldies station at the time) and you would write "Xtra 104" on a piece of paper and this was your "coupon" to get a small pizza for $1.04.

One time I heard a talk radio show where the topic was "Pizza" and people called in all sorts of interesting stuff about pizza. For example, one person said they put pickles on pizza because the combination of the tomato sauce and the tangy/tart taste of the pickles was a great combination. It sounded like it would be good, but I didn't care for it. (Although I do like to eat chocolate ice cream and orange sherbert together — I like the combination of the sweet of the chocolate and the tart of the orange sherbet.)

Anyway, this topic is about pizza, so let me not hijack the thread and get us sidetracked: A couple people chimed in about greasy pizza — there is a mini-chain (at least I think it's only local) called Ledo's — I can't eat it because afterward it feels as if somebody is sticking pins into my stomach.

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