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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Is anyone else watching?

Just watched the first semi-finals (recorded it as I was not in front of TV on Tuesday), tomorrow the second semi-final is live on TV, and Saturday the big final

The first semi-final was quite good, a surprising amount of decent songs. I think I'd rank Cyprus as #1 so far, that song had a very good Lady Gaga vibe.
Ukraine was very ecclectic, but in a good way. I think that song will further grow on me if I hear it more often.
Pleasantly surprised to see my country Belgium in the final, although in all honesty I'm not that impressed with the song we've sent. Maybe it can grow on me too, but I don't see us finishing high in the rankings in the big finals at this moment.
I liked the Irish and Romanian entries too, pity they didn't make the big final.

So which country (or countries) are you rooting for?

PS: the festival is broadcasted in many countries outside of Europe, so very likely all of you can join in and watch!
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