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Originally Posted by digp View Post
Has anyone managed to get keepass to work with dropbox or similar to sync across devices like 1password?
I u/l a copy of the .kbdx file, usually via FTP. So that file is now one of my backups and also one that I can d/l however I can to where I need it. This is all done manually and is not truly a sync, but this process has never sunk for me

Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
I would be interested to learn what plugins and settings you use, since you've used Keepass for quite a while.

I've tried the KeeTheme plugin, it's not too bad, but I feel there's not enough contrast between the normal text and URL links. It would be good if there was some way to change the color of the URL links, to, say, a lime green. That may look better against a darker background.

I had attempted to set up backups, using the trigger option, but couldn't get it to work for me - just nothing happened.

However, I've added the KPSimpleBackup plugin, and that's working ok.
I have used KeePass for quite some time as well. Here are the plugins I use and the ones of those I appreciate a lot.
  1. AlternateAutoType
  2. KeePassQuickUnlock
  3. KeeTheme
  4. ReadablePassphrase
  5. YetAnotherFaviconDownloader
I find the first three to be very useful but I do use the other two as well. If only one plugin could be used, I would certainly opt to use the KeeTheme one. I don't have a problem with my display of text and link text. Then you said you had an issue with the link text and the background color. Color choices can be made for each of those, plus more if wanted, elements. The 'KeeTheme theme' I'm using makes the whole KeePass GUI background kinda dark, with off-white text and blue link text. I usually have the iconized toolbar turned off too.

- Bruce
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