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Re: SpamCop interferes again

Originally posted by disneylogic
Yes, this is SpamCop interfering again, because, in their words, there have been two reports of spam sent from fastmail in the last 17 days. Specifically, "Listing History:
In the past 16.6 days, it has been listed 2 times for a total of 26 hours".
actually more than 2 reports ... here's the latest from SpamCop.
(Some good news maybe - it looks like the latest problem has been marked as resolved ?)
IP Address      Start/Duration Trap User Mole Simp Additional comments  Feb 16 11h/1    0    8    0    0 delisted manually, marked resolved  Feb 11 17h/3    0   14    0    0 marked resolved
Originally posted by disneylogic
Y'know, if someone like me "bounces" spam back, since the recipient is often someone other than the actual recipient, they'd probably see it as spam. This suggests that bouncing might not be the best way to dispose of junk mail. Maybe delete only should be the policy.

Delete only seems to be the best way to go - avoids adding grief to "joe-jobs" via returns to (forged) senders,
saves your own bandwidth, and avoids exposing your actual FM account name (if bouncing from an alias) ...
(It would be nice to be able to reject at SMTP level, but failing that, post-receipt filtering and deletion is probably
the next best thing).
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