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Spam detection / false positives


I'm interested in spam filtering services for consumers that have the lowest false positive rate on the market (and decent false negative rates, of course).
I found this overview:

There are hosted and l local solutions.

I've been using Cyren/Expurgate/Eleven for 20 years or so and have been very happy, but they don't offer the service any more for to consumers for free as they used to, only to companies. They say they might offer sth. in the future though, I should wait for a month or so for more information. I'm one of the lucky ones who still have a free account, but I can't recommend it to friends because it's not available any more.

I was wondering how competition fares compared to cyren - see above link.

I'm not quite happy with the the virusbulettin even though it's a very good start. The reason I'm not happy is that they tested <4000 emails. I would expect something more like 20,000 - 50,000 for a better differentiation on false positives, with 2/3 being spam and 1/3 legitimate, for example and a focus (20%) on legitimate mails that are prone to being misclassified (e.g. confirmation emails, newsletters, notification emails etc. that are sent en masse, such as "you've got a new PM on our discussion form").

Nonetheless Cyren, in my expererience, is excellent, and I was wondering what else there is for consumers.

I've had bad experiences with antispam in other places, like google or other mail providers (runbox for example). (false positives)
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