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How to not get flagged by oligopoly of email providers?

I have a non-profit that wants to send emails. How do you submit request to big email providers that they do not block your domain? I want to set up a small server because its astronomically cheaper than AWS SES (which is the cheapest option).

Thanks guys
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Originally Posted by josewilliam View Post
How do you submit request to big email providers that they do not block your domain?
Such requests will be ignored.
Have you considered using a reputable provider of mailing list distribution? For example or many alternatives.
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If you are sending out thousands of emails you should just subscribe to Mailchimp or Constant Contact and deal with the pricing. I used to work for another company that specialized in emails for nonprofit associations and we had fulltime people that worked on maintaining our ability to send and be received. All it takes to get blocked is for a few people receiving your email to report you as spam, plus there are many other problems. Google is tightening up their enforcement of standards for mass emails, and will start rejecting lots of emails in April:
Google has also confirmed that, from April, it will “start rejecting a percentage of non-compliant email traffic, and we’ll gradually increase the rejection rate.” Google says that, for example, if 75% of the traffic meets the new email sender authentication guidelines, then “a percentage” of the remaining non-compliant 25% will be rejected. It isn’t yet clear what that percentage will be. Google does say that when it comes to enforcement of the new rules, it will be “gradual and progressive.”
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Whether you want to and/or can DIY, or you have the financial ability to pay another for the service, here's a suggestion. I've used this project before, and will again if I ever have the need to. dada mail at DuckDuckGo

- Bruce
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