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Email Comments, Questions and Miscellaneous Share your opinion of the email service you're using. Post general email questions and discussions that don't fit elsewhere.

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Originally Posted by SideshowBob View Post
Have you found a service that gives a legally binding guarantee about never reusing addresses? The case for reusing addresses grows indefinitely over time. There's also the risk that a service closes and someone uses the domain on a different service.

If you pick an alias address that's statistically unlikely to be reused you could have a much lower risk than you currently have.
Apart from big players like Gmail and Outlook/Hotmail. For example, ProtonMail, Skiff and Tutanota will never recycle usernames, don't thibk they will ever change this until EOL.

In contrast, most other paid email providers do recycle usernames, i.e. FastMail, posteo, I'm not sure how Zoho does this better because they do have an inactivity period of 6 months, whether they recycle those inactive accounts or not is still question mark because I couldn't find any information about it.

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Ezra Klein writes a long piece in the NY Times about why he is leaving Gmail for Hey.
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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
Ezra Klein writes a long piece in the NY Times about why he is leaving Gmail for Hey.
I would have to create an account to read the article, but found this link:
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Update new stuff.
Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
  • Send new messages from.
  • Always redeliver to.
  • Workflows.
  • Contact notes.
  • Upgrade spam filtering.
  • Snippets.
  • Automatic timezones.
  • The F*#k No feature.
HEY for Familes.
Search improvements.
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